Video Poem Collaboration

Poet David Perez’ production of my poem “Lost Sonnet” appears below. I love how the image and text create a silent reading in a completely different register.

Perhaps because we are so used to having image enhanced by sound, or vice versa, in video format, the lack of audio initially feels like something is wrong, but then the silence accrues and the double visual–text and image–creates something quite new. Or so it seems to me.

Check out the rest of the videos David has produced at A Few Light Poems.


Work with me in Lisbon!


International Literary Program in Lisbon, Portugal

Join me in Lisbon, Portugal this summer 2015 as part of the Disquiet International Literary Program, “the very best program of its type in the world,” according to George Saunders, 2012 guest writer.

I’m leading a two-week long cross-genre Writing Workshop in which we will create and workshop new pieces written in response to the art, music, monuments, and experiences we encounter in Lisbon. Our focus will be on short forms, whether they be lyric essay, prose poem, flash fiction or happy combinations. Are the boundaries distinct? Are they even important?

Please feel free to contact me below with any questions. Check the Disquiet website for deadlines and past program info. I can offer a few tuition discounts. I hope this opportunity works for you. I can promise you an unforgettable experience.