Poems and More

Poetry Online:

4.6 Billion Years,” The Inflectionist Review

The Still Center of the Galaxy,The Inflectionist Review

Three Poems,” Axon: Creative Explorations, Australia

What Childbirth and the Moon Landing Have in Common,” the museum of americana

Objects of Her Passion,” Jet Fuel Review

Two Poems,” Poetry Flash

Listening to Mars,” Rattle, Poets Respond

Let’s Get Rid of Valentine’s Day and Replace it with Second Halloween,” Rattle Online

And Counting” and “Eclipse at Solstice“; Map Literary

“In the Anatomical Museum” Hinchas de Poesia

Drunken Boat 23 Two poems and voice recording

Womens’ Voices for Change  Two prose poems as featured poet

“Lost Sonnet” West Trestle Review-Archive (you might have to scroll down)

Drunken Boat 17: Two poems

Eleven Eleven: Two poems

SantaCruz(dot)com: Two poems

Three poems at failbetter:Christ “; “Litany” ; “This Lonesome

Scapegoat Review : Three poems

Nonfiction Online:

Martian Dreams, Orion Magazine, Fall 2021

Member, Neptune Society, Cagibi

What You Knew: A Brief History of Summer, Los Angeles Review of Books

SoundtrackBrevity, 50th Edition

Afternoon AffairBrevity

On ‘Afternoon Affair‘” Brevity Blog

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