Day Eight: “Be Grateful. Be Generous in Spirit.”



In case you missed this amazing interview with former Presidential candidate, Amy Klobuchar, she’s speaking with Rachel Maddow about her husband John who was hospitalized yesterday, Monday, with the virus after testing positive that morning. He had a fever for 10 days, and the test results took 5 more! What in the world. That’s no way to stop a pandemic. One thing we can do is call the White House to urge P.T. to activate the National Defense Production Act to rescue our health care infrastructure, 202-456-1111, full instructions at

I’m including this clip even though it cuts off right before the most moving part, so moving in light of the grim details that come before it that I jotted her words down. Her segment begins right around 3:20. First, take a close look at Senator Klobuchar whom we have grown used to watching in formal press conferences and debates, camera-ready. She’s exhausted. Yes, she’s standing in the Capitol after a full day of Senate negotiations over the covid virus aid bill and she will return to them after talking with Maddow. Her husband at that moment is on oxygen, states away in a Minnesota hospital after his self-quarantine during which time she didn’t see him. Even now she’s unable to be at his side; visitors, even high-profile visitors, are not allowed.

Somewhere after this clip when Rachel Maddow, as I recall, asks Senator Klobuchar for her advice at times like these, Klobuchar doesn’t hesitate.

“Be grateful. Be generous in spirit.”

She certainly walks the talk. I wish I’d been able to retrieve all of what she had to say.

Today the virus proceeds, the economy teeters. We are faced with hard questions. We receive best-guess answers. How will we endure? How recover?

We are telling the story of that recovery now, writing it day by day in how we choose to live. In how we choose to live through it. Thankfully, in the midst of the confusion, we’re starting to see some good examples to follow. Here’s one, a profile in courage, a hopeful chapter.

Be grateful. Be generous in spirit.

Be safe~


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